Saturday, 26 March 2011

Welcome to my followers

Wow! I'm thrilled, only a few days, a few items and I have 5 lovely followers. Thanks to you all.
Hello to Irene in Edinburgh, Lyndi, in Ayrshire, what a shock eh? How did we never mention our other passion in life? Sylvia in Netherlands, Jackie in Edinburgh and Debbie in Wales.
I am hoping not to disappoint the experienced and obvious very talented ladies.
Lyndi I need to know what WIP is it? Please send me a pic or two, maybe as an attachment, I'll add my e mail on this blog. Once again welcome and thanks ladies.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Carole. A WIP is a Work In Progress - although it's not really in progress at the moment and is in a well hidden alcove in my bedroom away from Wrecking Ball Ross LOL. Will see if I can dig out some of my 'makes' that I have stashed away in a tin for future use and you can have a peek at them if you like.