24th April Up-date The hall on the first floor has now been completed, I stripped out all of the old and have re-painted the ceiling, added a freeze, paintd white, re -wall papered with a pretty pale blue, which was fashionable for the era. All the wordwork has been stained with TH Distress ink Walnut Stain, except for the coving which is painted white. The plant pot stand at the end of the hallway was made with three cocktail sticks and two four hole buttons. The door at the end of the hall is to show the imagainary staircase's prescence in the house. I cross stitched the rug many years ago, when my eyes were as sharp as the needle!

The hall is on the first landing in the centre of the house. There is no staircase, I removed it, you couldn't see under the stairs and it took up a lot of precious space.  I don't plan on replacing it either. Not a lot of work required her, once I've researched the deco of the period.
11/5/13 Up-date

I've added the butler, a new addition to the story, Simmons, is his name. he is in for quite a shock, not knowing till he opens the door to deliver the morning mail that his Master Dr. Black is lying dead in the study - for there has been a murder.