Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Gentleman's Library

For no reason let me start with one of my earlier and certainly a dear old favourite of mine, the Gentleman's Library. I bought the frame for only a few pounds it is fitted to an MDF box, which is 4" deep x 12" wide. I made 135 books by cutting pieces of wood, painting the edges, then covering them in either card, paper or leather. There is a butterfly case on the right side wall, with paper butterflies. A world map on the left side of the wall. I also made the chair, footstool, green pouffe and flower arrangements. The gentleman was bought dressed, I never did master making the men's trouser's fit correctly. I purchased the dog and painted him, he is cast metal.
I made the plant stand with two buttons and 3 painted cocktail sticks. i do hope you like my first item on my new blog. I would greatly appreciate any comments or questions. For I also would love to be able to pass on any hints, tips or information to anyone who maybe is just starting .


  1. So much detail in your creations Caz. What made you start doing these wee masterpieces? Also, when did you start?

  2. Everything is wonderful but my favourite is the chair - its fantastic.