Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Book by Tolstoy

Not sure what the real purpose of this book ever was, maybe for folk with 'loads of money' to hide some away on a bookshelf. For me, being a miniaturist, there was only one thing this book was itended for - to make the inside of Tolstoy's small apartment, whilst home on leave from his last Russian army campaign. Taking pen to paper the saga begins here.............................

On the door the items which are handcrafted are the plates and the small faux books and bookcase. The painting is an actual painting from a swap of may years ago, I do apologise for I didn't record who sent me it, she is beautiful, isn't she? Inside the room, I made, the bookshelf, table, chair, waste basket . The family portraits are stuck in buttons. The ink well on the table was once two necklace beads. The lower section below the dado rail is the original box, the wall paper, above, is of the William Norris period.

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  1. Another fantastic exhibit Cazro. You have got me hooked. I wish I was able to do something like this.