24th April - Up-date - the dining room is now completed. I have stripped out the old. Re-painted the ceiling, added a freeze, the door,  picture rail and skirting board were stained with TH Distress Walnut Stain ink and the coving has been painted white. I have added a wall to wall beige carpet which isn't the correct thing to do, it doesn't fit with the carpeting of the era, but I needed to cover all of the floor.
3/4/11 Still working on the kitchen but in between paint and wall paper drying I called in the decorator's to
start stripping the wall paper off the dining room walls.

The dining room will be directly above the kitchen. We can't see behind the rooms but there is a set of back stairs from the kitchen, via the imaginary doors. I've researched a little earlier today, I'll be needing to add a picture rail in this room. Thank goodness I'll be able to keep my fabulous dining table and chairs, if I can find the chairs, found the table. I have some lovely pieces of glass dishes to go in this room.

11/5/13 Up-date

I still need to set up with more pictures, more china and glasses. I'm not really sure yet how the drunk will fit in, but I'll sort him out in the story later.