Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Downtown Lodge

Through the night, another 3 hours only, of sleep. I added a number of pages to my blog. Downtown Lodge, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Room, Study/Library, Hall, Bathroom and Attic bedrooms. I will be recording the events of the decorating and development from the shell it is now to hopefully, a beautiful house full of accessories and characters. Your unable to leave comments on the additional pages but I will add a little reminder, on this main page, for you to pop over whenever I add any developements. Wednesday 30/03- Work has started in the kitchen, click on the bar above to see what has been going on. 31/03 - I've sorted out how to make the Welsh slate floor tiles I want for the kitchen. One of those Eureka! moments. A teaser pic tonight, tomorrow I promise more details and a pic.

1 comment:

  1. I read your story for Downtown Lodge earlier Cazro. It all sounds very exciting and I will be following your progress. Sorry about the sleepless nights though.