11/4/11 Up-Date The kitchen has now been painted and papered, the cooking range is fitted.
3/4/11 Up-date , I've finished the kitchen flooring.  I've bought enough skirting board for the kitchen and probably will get most of the dining room done.  also bought some picture rail and arcitrave for around the doors and window. This evening I've been staining all the required wood for the kitchen, using TH Distress ink Walnut stain, so much easier than having to stain with wood stain as I needed to do in the Lodge's previous decorating and renervations. Only problem is I now have fingers that look like burnt nicotine stains, going to see the Doc tomorrow so I think I may need to clean fingers with some bleach. LOL
The freize has been painted and added.  The wall paper has been added. I will take a pic tomorrow to show the progress.

Above the finished Welsh slate tiles, with the configuration plan
Left  Cereal packet card, scrunch up strips of tissue paper, with glue stick adhere to the card.
Right use Punice stone firt, cover the tissue paper to colour it.
Cover the tissue paper with Weathered Wood to give the Welsh slate grey colour.

01/04 No silly April Fool's joke, honestly, above there are a few things I've gathered together to make the flooring , I knew what I wanted to have, I  looked at the real Welsh slate tiles and their patterns on the 'net, found the exact colour I was imagining. I've played on a piece of card to practice and am thrilled with the results.  In the above pic are two sheets of card from a cereal packet, I will need more than this but it's a start. Glue stick (cheapest and best quality I have found is 2 of the above plus 2 r 3 small ones for £1 at Poundland), white tissue paper, TH Distress Inks Weathered Wood (blue)  and Pumice stone (grey).
I'll take a pic tomorrow to show how I am  going to make the klitchen floor tiles.
30/03 - The wallpaper has been chosen, not the samples shown here, keeping it for a surprise later.  The dado level border has been stripped. Typically the painter and decorator has gone off for a cuppa. The paint pots are cut pieces of dowelling , painted with silver paint, the little labels are from paint  advertising bumpf.

29/03 - The kitchen will be the lower ground floor to the left of the house. Work will start soon. I need to research, interior design, the type of oven, I'm sure I'll have one to fit, the flooring and decorating to plan.

After all the work I did on the flooring, in the end I didn't like it, I was in a DH shop, sadly now closed and bought new tiled flooring.  I still have lots of work to do to finish the kitchen and to add Mrs. White the Cook/Housekeeper, but this where I am up to.