Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lady of the Night (Not for Nice Ladies!)

You may wonder why, oh! why did I make this little setting? Long story - short version. My large Victorian 8 roomed dolls house, now called Downton Lodge, used to be a house of ill repute, all because I enjoyed the Dolly Parton film, 'The Best Little Whore House in Texas' as the grandchildren started to grow, it had to be changed, for obvious reasons. Rather than dress this one lady, I decided to make her a little setting, where she was having a rest between clients. I took her out on my talks to W.I and other groups, she always created a laugh, a smile or even a gasp, any reaction was welcome.

Items to note, I dressed the porcelain doll in a basque which I stitched onto her, the long bloomers were hand sewn. The tea cosy was knit by a fellow miniatrist who sent it to me for a gift. the Jimmy Shoo shoes were purchased, I say Jimmy Shoo because they were a ridiculous price. I framed the pictures, the other two wall hangings are from brooches. Thanks for your visit, I apologise for there being a week's delay in posting.