Sunday, 27 March 2011

Miranda the Mermaid

The sea bed is a piece of miniature carpet which was painted and sawdust scattered onto glue to give it texture, then again spray painted. The walls were made by splodge painting with various colours a number of the plain side of old greetings cards, then cut into squares with the corners rounded off, I stuck small sea shells randomly over the walls. There is a green net slung over the top which has a dolphin (pre a key-ring) and a pair of gold coloured fish (pre-ear rings) hanging in the net. The treasure chest was made with card and lollipop sticks, filled with pieces of old broken jewellry. The sea bed is adorned with pieces of wood, old broken jewellry, pot pourri from friends, shells of various sizes, many from charity shops. miranda is a Katy Sue doll, I made her wig. The legs have been placed in another setting, she didn't need them, for I made her an irredescent fish tail which suits her rather well. Thanks for looking, I welcome any comments.


  1. Oh! wow, Carole, you kept this talent a secret from us, this is beautiful as are all the rest, I'll gladly follow this blog to see what other little treats you come up with xx

  2. Well aren't you full of surprises mrs!!! A truly fabulous blog. x x

  3. wow Caz these are stunning - do drop Michelle a line telling her about this blog she has a fascination for tiny things too and has been working on a christmas sitting room with lights, snow etc she will be thrilled to see this too!