Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hello - Welcome to my blog

Why am I opening this blog? The reason may seem sad but I don't feel sad about it. Being a dolls house collector and mini maker for over 15 years, due to a sudden illness, my obsession with my mini property came to an abrupt end. My husband and I have since downsized to a smaller home. I have now fully recovered but during my recuperation became obsessed with paper crafts which still takes up a lot of my time. My blogs will be in the side bar soon. Much of my knowledge and skills I gathered in the miniature world have been transferred to paper crafts. Now I am in a situation where our smaller house has two bedrooms stuffed to the rafters with dolls houses, dolls shops, room boxes along with my paper craft materials. My house has become difficult to move in. So, I have come to a HUGE decision. I am going to make every effort to downsize on my mini properties. No, don't worry this is not going to be a for sale blog. This is going to be my record for prosperity of my property before it either goes on E-bay, or is donated to a charity shop, or given to any group who are interested. I have looked at some of the dolls hosue blogs and am so thrilled to see it is still a popular hobby, there was such a thriving community when I was involved. For many years I was invited to speak at ladies meetings, which I have only recently stopped doing. I plan on sharing my properties with as many bloggers out there in the dolls house land I can find, so my little treasures will not be forgotten. The day will come, hopefully not for at least 20 or so years, when I know, for whether a joke or not, my sons will probably either sell it on E bay or put it in a skip. I have the next ensuing years to see they are at least somewehre in blogland. Thanks for reading this far.............if you did! LOL


  1. I did read it!! I can identify with so much of it too .... I am now just working my way through redoing my original houses as I just cant have any more .... my boys used to complain that they couldn't play with a ball in the lounge because of the dollshouses!! Not that its the place for a ball anyway but they were little boys :-)
    My worry is popping off before I can use all the purchases and creations stored in boxes and not yet displayed!! Anyway off to read your other posts now ... you are much more experienced at blogging than me, I'm too impatient with new things :-)

  2. Caz, I too relate to so much of what you are saying. So pleased you are able to come back to minis, and since you've joined the Beehive I guess you are looking at quarter scale - be warned, it is truly addictive!
    Happy mini-ing
    Sandra (Snippets from my studio)