Saturday, 26 March 2011

Scottish Baronial Hall.

To honour three of my followers who live in Scotland, I am sharing with you my Scottish Baronial Hall. I made this shortly after a visit to Blair Athol castle near Pitlochry. It is housed in a room box. If there is anything you wish to know please leave in comments.
The tartan carpet took a while to find, it was a pinafore dress in a charity shop, cut to size and the perfect thickness for carpet. The painted display swords were originally 70's style cocktail sticks. I made the golf bag with a piece of lovely soft leather. The bagpipes were not an easy project but I was delighted with the final result. The canon, left of the fire and the suit of armour to the right of the fire are both pencil sharpeners. The breast plate was once a take away container.


  1. Thank you for the welcome.

    Your Baronial Hall is great - not to twee (!) and the blockwork is excellent. It sets just the right tone.

    (WIP - Work In Progress :-))

  2. Oh! I love, love, love this. That tartan carpet is fab. Charity shops are great for all kinds of crafts. That's what I love about the whole dolls house thing. You can create so much from so little.

    I also used to cut up old leather jackets that Billy was throwing away to keep for making things. Did I mention that my house is bursting at the seams LOL.

    Will be following your posts closely to see what other little treasures you have


  3. Ohh this is spectacular Carole. Very realistic. Superb.

  4. I remember that pinafore dress, my mum used to give my clothes to Oxfam when my dad worked for them. Fantastic Baronial Hall Cazro. I love it.