It didn't take long before the dolls house bug bit!  My plan is to downsize my many dolls house properties, one way or another. However, yes it is so difficult to part with some of my little treasures, there is another thing my many blog and craft friends don't know, I not only have lots of little boxes and settings, a few small houses I also own another piece of property. It has since the day I bought it, brought a mass of pleasure to me and my 6 grandchildren who have only been allowed to view, not to touch. It has had several names, it has been metamorphosised over the years before my very eyes. When I bought it from a good friend's shop in Newcastle who has since retired, it was custom made for me by Squirrel Dolls House builder's. I asked for a large shop front and the addition of a door to the small room to the front of the house, for private entrance. It has had a large Victorian florist shop downstairs, a Victorian doctor's surgery, his  home for himself , his wife and 3 genteel daughters. It then became a museum housing everything my mind could imagine, with lots of trips to local museums for ideas. I even had a dinasour setting in one room. then it took a dramatic change, for I sat and greatly enjoyed a film called "Best Little Whore House in Texas" with Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds, you'll know who I mean if over a certain age. So, no guesses what came next. Well, I did have a few male and female dolls by this time. I won't go into too many details, little eyes may be reading. The grandchildren, at this stage weren't allowed to open the doors, the two oldest boys propbably took a few peeks and had a few sniggers. Then it all came to an abrupt stop. I became ill, and for a while didn't love my dolls houses anymore. I stripped out the house for the children were getting to maybe understand. It then, shamefully, has become a storage unit for my new hobby and interest in life, paper crafting and stamping, and has been at this stage since 2003. Now I am deciding to downsize, this is one property I will be keeping, so the decision is  to put it to good use. I am going to repair, re-fresh, re- decorate and even give it another name and purpose, which initially is to store all of my very best accessories which I simply can't part with.
                Let me introduce you to DOWNTON LODGE - A WORK IN PROGRESS -
 An Edwardian Town house. - 1915 is the year - Oh! yes there has to be a story, for me to be able to bring the character of the house and the characters within to life. The story will progress along with the reqular updates as the progress of the house. Dr. Clyde Black is dead, found at the foot of the cellar steps. Did he fall or was he pushed. Characters in the house, for a weekend party are, Professor Ignacious Plum, Miss Lolita Scarlett, Colonel Jerimiah Smythe-Mustard, Mrs. Cicily Peacock and the Reverend William Green. The cook/housekeeper a Mrs. White has been with Dr. Black for many a year. Recognise the plot? Here is where the action will develop over however long it takes.
24th April - Progress Report - I have painted the left side of the house, choosing a coffee colour and have painted the woodwork and quoins white. I still have some work to do on the big right hand side door.
11th May 2013

Wow how time flies, these days, an up-date of the complete re-decoration and re-styling of Downton Lodge is LONG over due. Above you will see how I have completely altered the frontage of the Lodge, though there is still work to do on adding some doors , acetate for the window panes and of course curtains. I have over the last few months been spending an hour here and there to get it tidied  and re-dressed. To see more of the rooms click on the Pages bar above for each area.