Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Butcher - Mr. E.W.E. Lamb

I purchased Mr. Lamb at a DH fair in York, of course I already had half of the stock for a butcher's shop made. I made all of the meat in the shop with salt dough, except for the sausage on the counter which I bought. There is tripe, lamb, beef, pork and chicken. I made the counter and back bench but bought the butcher's block with knives and meat cleavers. The little dog is so hoping a piece of sausage will fall from the counter. The floor tiles were made by adding in true Blue Peter style, some sticky back plastic to old greeting cards, then cutting them out into squares and laying them in a pettern onto a sheet of plain card. Of course, this is in the era long before food hygiene, Health and Safety laws were in practice. I would so much appreciate you leaving a comment, I am beginning to think there is only little old me looking at my blog.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone, I am taking a few days break.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Auctioneer - Mr. H.I Bidder

Mr. H. I. Bidder the Auctioneer is set in a Box File with the lid removed. The auctioneers is a good place to set the small accessories which I may not have found a place for as yet or sometimes, I acquire items which may not be 1/12th scale. I made his lecturn and a few other items, but in this setting most have been purchased. I've had a busy family weekend, sorry for lack of postings, but don't worry there are still lots more to come. Don't forget as I said in my first posting, I have made these settings over a period of maybe 12 years, they are not overnight wonders. LOL I hope you continue to pop in and have a look at my little treasures.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dolly Mixtures Sweets and Confectionary

Apologies for missing yesterday, just one of those days when time passed me by. here are 3 pics today to make amends. This shop is a box I bought at a DH Fair at York, many years ago. It is only 4" deep. As soon as I spotted it , I wanted it to be a sweet shop. Please enlarge by clicking on the photos to see the details and close up of the many varieties of sweets and chocolates. I made all of the chocolates in the cabinet, filled many of the jars with hundreds and thousands, by splitting the colours up a long and interesting way to pass the time! LOL I used downloads and adverts from the internet to produce many of the enclosed plus a few special buys to add the final touches. Have fun, see how many sweets you used to enjoy when you were young. The licquorice sherbert dips used to be one of my favourites.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Russel Sprout -Greengrocer

Mrs. Russel Sprout is tending the greengrocer's stall, at the local market. I made the majority of the produce with either Fimo or Sculpey clay. I bought the mushrooms, garlic and cherries they were too fiddly to make. The cauliflowers, bananas and pineapple were fun to make. I bought the stall ready made but made the table at the front. Be sure to click on the picture to get a zoom in to spot all the fruit and vegetables. Thanks for looking, not many comments, but the visitor counter does tell me people are looking for which I am very grateful.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gentleman's Study

Gentleman's Study - items I made are the letter rack, the plant, green books on a stand, waste paper bin, framed the pictures. The glass cabinet drawers contain specimens of rocks, minerals, butterflies and shells. this is all contained in a box made with MDF which is 4" deep.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bookworm Shop

The Bookworm Shop is probably one of my favourite room settings, probably because I spent many, many hours, making a total of 396 books, magazines and items of stationery. Miss A Reader is the proprietor, who is adding new books to the shelves. I hope you enjoy enlarging the picture to check out the books, there is something there for everyone's taste.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Downton Lodge - Kitchen Decorated

Please click on the Kitchen above to see the latest up-date in Downton Lodge for I have now completed decorating the kitchen. I will be adding the furniture and accessories later, when more rooms are decorted. I have now started on the dining room above the kitchen.

Ship Inn

The Ship Inn was a find in a charity shop, the original intent of the boat was to be a set of shelves, for I suppose a bathroom. However, I saw it as a Ship Inn. The ground floor has a bar and a few kegs for seats. The weary and thirsty fisherman on his way for a pint was a find in Whitby, obviously out of scale for the boat is probably more in line with 1/24th but I mixed it up. The second floor is the innkeeper's lounge with a rocking chair and set for a cuppa tea. The top floor is his bedroom, under his iron bed is a suitacase which I made with soft leather and an empty box. thanks again for looking at the daily entry.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Floozy Suzie in the Jacuzzi

The Posh Pink bathroom became Floozy Suzie in the Jacuzzi as soon as I added an almost bare doll into the bath and added lots of pearl beads to represent bubbles. Sorry the picture is blurred I hope you can still see the tableau. Look at the hot water bottle in the sink, which I made with Fimo a polymer clay, the stopper took a while to get right. Again you can see some perfume bottles made of glass beads. Thanks to everyone who stops by today to look at the daily entry.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Doctor's Modern Surgery

Following a recent visit to see a GP, how appropriate for me to show you a diarama setting in a modern doctor's surgery. The computer and printer seem to be essential pieces of equipment. Still holding on to some old treatments, this doctor has a botle of live leeches and still likes to mix some of his favourite compounds from the top shelf. Thanks for visiting Dr. I Hurt today.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Picnic Setting

Now for something a little different, a dolls house setting doesn't always have to have walls, sometimes it's relaxing to have a little fun. I bought a few of these partly clad ladies to add some interest to some of the settings. A few of the items of food I made with Fimo, others were puchased, my favourite being the vaccum flask and the pork pie. Thanks for your visit today.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Japanese Room

This came to be after I saw and bought two very cheap Japanese dolls perfect for 1/12th scale. I set them on a piece of wood, with a hand made carpet made from Aida material, the outside walls are covered in kebab sticks to give a bamboo finish. The table was made with bits of balsa wood. The ornaments etc were from beads and bits of stash with a pair of small Oriental figures. The paintings on the wall, are framed pictures from magazines. I'm late today but hope you still have time to pop in to see the day's piece of miniature work.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pepe Le Pew Perfumery

For those too young to know, there once was a cartoon character, called Pepe Le Pew, he was a flirtatious French skunk who wooed lady skunks. One Christmas I received a larage box, full of toiletries and perfume. I decided to make it into a perfume shop, being a fan of little Pepe, the choice of aname for the shop was an easy choice to make. All the bottles of perfume have been made by adhering various colour and shaped beads together. Th small tables at the front are up-turned polystyrene cups which I believe once held peas from the fish and chip shop. Click on the pic to enlarge to eaxamine the small bottles more closely. Again many thanks for popping in to view my daily entry. If you have missed some, look down the right side to the Labels bar and click what you may have missed. Have a nice day and take care.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Handmade Furniture

This chaise longue and matching armchair were a project in a dolls House World magazine a long time ago. They are made with old greetings card, cereal box card, material and petitie picot braiding. They were once housed in my main dolls house when it was a 'house of ill repute'. The soft padding for the seating is the sponge half of the sponge cleaners you can buy for your dishes. I found a much more interesting use for them. Thanks for your visit today. Tomorrow I will show another setting - wonder what it will be?

Hello and

To three new followers, to Pat R, Blackdragon and to Ascension from Spain - Bienvenido. (Welcome) I am so thrilled at the slow but steady number of followers. I do apprecaite you visiting, for the number of visitors per day is overwhelming. I hope to continue to provide a little light relief for you.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hi If you click on both the Kitchen and Dining above, there is a short up-date on each. 3/4/11

Gnome's Pot Garden

Today I have chosen to show you Gordan the Gnome's Pot Garden. The inspiration for this garden came, due to two items found in a very short time of each other. The gnome I found in a box, I think from when my kids were small, from a Snow White and 7 dwarfs set. The large teracotta plant pot was found in a garden my OH was clearing. Can you spot the nushroom with the ladybird sat on top? The mushroom was a whisky bottle cap and the dome was the top of a bubble bath bottle. The ladybird was an ear ring. Can you find the hedgehog and the frog ? Tahe pot sits on a tin lid from a biscuit tin. Lots of moss and flowers adorn the inside of the pot. Through the hole at the back I fitted up a wire with small lights, so on a night time the garden lit up. Gordan has assured me in his pot garden no illegal substances were grown. Thanks for popping by.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

From this to that!

The black pram is almost in it's original state when I bought it, except I have painted the wheels grey and the handle bars have been painted. I found an article on a DH (Dolls House) magazine, which I felt was a little complicated so I found a much easier way to dress a pram, using my own drawn templates for the various areas I wanted to cover. I wouldn't dream of claiming the pram when altered was similar to a Silver Cross. A small piece of material, a little fine lace some picot braiding and oila! A few broken pieces of jewelry to add the finishing touches. thanks to those who drop by today. I'm adding a new feature on the top bar today so keep an eye out for it. I'll be back tomorrow with something different, don't forget, I am adding something new every day.


Hi to my new followers , welcome to my mini property blog, I hope you will all enjoy popping back for a visit for there is something added every day. I hope to see Anna, LiaE Alma and dbutterfly popping in now and again. Thanks ladies.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Lucy's Lace Shop

I'm very late today in adding my daily entry, sorry been inolved with my alter ego real life stuff. This evening I am inviting you to visit the Lace shop ran by Lucy. Inside you'll find lots of lingerie, look on the left and right wall closely and you will see a black and a pink teddy with good support for the boobies supplied by cutting pill blisters in half and covering with lace. The crocheted table cloth in the centre was a swap with a fellow miniaturist buddy. The baby doll is grossly out of scale but she is so pretty. Thanks for visiting again.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Teacher's Locker

One evening at a special 'do' a friend on our dining table won a bottle of Teacher's Whisky, knowing of my passion with miniatures, he removed the bottle, passed the box to me , with the challenge for me to do something with the box, he being a retired school teacher. Some time later developed the Teacher's locker. In the locker are test papers, books, a cup , a shield , box of chalks, a confiscated catupult, a few more confiscated items are in the drawers. I wonder why our Teacher has hidden away a bottle of whisky? Maybe it's for a raffle prize!!

Hello and .........

To all of my followers, a huge welcome to the recent followers on my blog, please feel free to contact me to ask any quetions. I have gained a lot of experience over a long period of time which I am very happy to pass on and share with others. Hello to jankev 10 and to Fiona.