Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Handmade Furniture

This chaise longue and matching armchair were a project in a dolls House World magazine a long time ago. They are made with old greetings card, cereal box card, material and petitie picot braiding. They were once housed in my main dolls house when it was a 'house of ill repute'. The soft padding for the seating is the sponge half of the sponge cleaners you can buy for your dishes. I found a much more interesting use for them. Thanks for your visit today. Tomorrow I will show another setting - wonder what it will be?


  1. very pretty! You would never guess what these are made of!

  2. Making things from cereal boxes reminds me of Blue Peter. They used to make furniture for Cindy dolls when I was young but I don't remember anything they made looking as good as this.

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