Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bookworm Shop

The Bookworm Shop is probably one of my favourite room settings, probably because I spent many, many hours, making a total of 396 books, magazines and items of stationery. Miss A Reader is the proprietor, who is adding new books to the shelves. I hope you enjoy enlarging the picture to check out the books, there is something there for everyone's taste.


  1. I have been so busy I have missed checking out your little properties for a good few days so I am working my way backwards to catch up. I love Miss A Reader - she reminds me of someone - not quite sure who. How did you get all the small magazines and book covers, they are very realistic.

  2. Hi Pat - answer - many of the book covers and magazine covers are from adverts for videos, books and magazines. Some of the magazine ones are for back issues adverts, others were from adverts in TV mags. Some were cut outs from a DH magazine.