Sunday, 10 April 2011

Floozy Suzie in the Jacuzzi

The Posh Pink bathroom became Floozy Suzie in the Jacuzzi as soon as I added an almost bare doll into the bath and added lots of pearl beads to represent bubbles. Sorry the picture is blurred I hope you can still see the tableau. Look at the hot water bottle in the sink, which I made with Fimo a polymer clay, the stopper took a while to get right. Again you can see some perfume bottles made of glass beads. Thanks to everyone who stops by today to look at the daily entry.


  1. LOL at Floozie Susies jacuzzi! All looks fabulous having never tried miniature before I am fascinated xx

  2. Another lovely scene. Where did you find that Floozie - she doesn't look like any doll I ever had (lol). I noticed the Izal on the top of the toilet cistern and is that Colgate on the washbasin?