Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Butcher - Mr. E.W.E. Lamb

I purchased Mr. Lamb at a DH fair in York, of course I already had half of the stock for a butcher's shop made. I made all of the meat in the shop with salt dough, except for the sausage on the counter which I bought. There is tripe, lamb, beef, pork and chicken. I made the counter and back bench but bought the butcher's block with knives and meat cleavers. The little dog is so hoping a piece of sausage will fall from the counter. The floor tiles were made by adding in true Blue Peter style, some sticky back plastic to old greeting cards, then cutting them out into squares and laying them in a pettern onto a sheet of plain card. Of course, this is in the era long before food hygiene, Health and Safety laws were in practice. I would so much appreciate you leaving a comment, I am beginning to think there is only little old me looking at my blog.


  1. Has hecho un fantastico trabajo.
    He agrandado la foto y me encanta como has hecho la carne.
    El perrito muy simpatico esperando que le caiga algo jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Translated from Ascension
    You did a fantastic job.
    I enlarged the photo and I love how you made the meat.
    The very nice puppy waiting to drop something hehehe
    besitos ascension
    Gracias Caz

  3. Hi Cazro - playing catch up again with your blog. Not been on for a while again. Love the butcher and yes it does look like the puppy is waiting for something being dropped. Apart from the colour he looks just like my dog - only he would be standing in his hind legs up at the counter helping himself.

  4. A fantastic little scene Caz. so much lovely detail. Hope you're smiling!.
    x Michelle

  5. Es una escena muy bien hecha!!! No conocia tu blog, pero ya tienes una seguidora y una admiradora más. Tienes trabajos preciosos.

  6. Message from Olga reads
    It is a scene very well done! Not know your blog, but I have a fan and an admirer more. You have beautiful work.

  7. Well what can I say? This is wonderful Cazro, love the little dog sitting waiting for a few scraps xx