Sunday, 3 April 2011

From this to that!

The black pram is almost in it's original state when I bought it, except I have painted the wheels grey and the handle bars have been painted. I found an article on a DH (Dolls House) magazine, which I felt was a little complicated so I found a much easier way to dress a pram, using my own drawn templates for the various areas I wanted to cover. I wouldn't dream of claiming the pram when altered was similar to a Silver Cross. A small piece of material, a little fine lace some picot braiding and oila! A few broken pieces of jewelry to add the finishing touches. thanks to those who drop by today. I'm adding a new feature on the top bar today so keep an eye out for it. I'll be back tomorrow with something different, don't forget, I am adding something new every day.


  1. WOW this is stuning

  2. You have turned it into a stunning pram! I would have loved to have a RL one just like this when my children were babies but alas they were no longer practical by then. I am sure that any mini mother would adore to have this one and would proudly push it when taking her mini baby on walks.
    Mini hugs Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)